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Electronics & Appliances

Electronics & Appliances

We Pawn Electronics & Appliances

When you’re in a situation and need immediate cash, getting a short term loan through Capital Pawn cc is your answer. We accept and value all kinds of electronics that can provide you with the instant cash you need.

What Type Of Electronics Can You Pawn?
• Apple iPhone
• Apple iPad
• Tablets
• Smart Phones
• Laptops / Notebooks
• Desktops / Towers
• Radar Detectors
• Home Theater Electronics
• Computer Monitors
• LCD – LED TV’s
• Plasma TV’s
• 3D TV’s
• Blu Ray Players
• DVD Players
• Camcorders
• Cameras
• XBOX 360
• XBOX One
• PS3
• PS4
• Wii
• Nintendo DS
• Any And All Electronics Of Value

Have a question about whether your item would be considered? Just give us a call.

The Process
Initially after visiting one of our stores in Johannesburg, we’ll want to take a look at the condition of your household electronics item to make sure it’s working and in good shape. After checking it to make sure all functions and features are properly working, we will assess it a value for a short term cash loan. If you accept the terms of our offer, you’ll be immediately given the cash quoted with no delay and no credit checks.

Complete the form to Schedule an Appointment
To start the process of pawning your electronics item, you can either call us today to set up an appointment, walk into our store during business hours with your item in hand, or finally you can just fill out the quote form to the side of this page. As soon as we receive your information, we’ll contact you to discuss options.

Get a Quote now!

If you have a picture of what you want to sell or pawn, attach it below for a even quicker response.

How it works

Step 1

Fill out our online enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Step 2

If you accept our offer we will ask you to come to our secure facility for a physical inspection of your asset, and to complete the necessary paperwork.

Step 3

Once approved you get your cash instantly.
When the loan amount has been paid back the asset is returned to you.

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