If you have a picture of what you want to sell or pawn, attach it below for a even quicker response.

    What We Pawn

    Cars & Trucks

    We pawn all vehicle types, each transaction is tailor made to suit our client's needs.

    Gold & Diamonds

    We pawn all gold, diamond and silver jewellery in any condition. We also pawn fine watches and kruger rands.


    We pawn all boats, jet skis, motorbikes, quad bikes, caravans and recreational vehicles.


    We pawn all electrical appliances & electronics, TV's, laptops, tablets, smart phones, fridges, washing machines and more.

    How It Works

    Step 1

    Fill out our online enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Step 2

    If you accept our offer we will ask you to come to our secure facility for a physical inspection of your asset, and to complete the necessary paperwork.

    Step 3

    Once approved you get your cash instantly.
    When the loan amount has been paid back the asset is returned to you.

    If you are finding it hard to part with your gold diamond jewellery Capital Pawn cc can assist with a short term loan. Which can be renewed on a monthly bases. Upon completing the loan your Gold diamond jewellery will be returned to you in the same condition it was left with us.

    We are a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator. Fees are charged as per regulations of the National Credit Act, No 34 of 2005, for short term credit transactions. Initiation fee R150 excl 15% VAT per credit agreement, plus 10% of the amount in excess of R1000, but never to exceed R1050 excl 15% VAT. Interest rate charged at a maximum APR of 24.3% . The minimum loan period is 1 month and the maximum loan period is 12 months.

    Loan Example

    Loan AmountRepayment TermsInterest Rate (APR)Monthly RepaymentInitiation FeeTotal Repayment
    100,00090 days24.3%24,3001,050R25,800

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