Pawn and drive rescue

Pawn and drive rescue

Capital Pawn now offer Pawn and drive Rescue

Did you pawn and drive your car and couldn’t make your monthly loan payments? The bad news is that you are at risk of losing your car.

Capital Pawn is assisting many individuals that already pawned their car and are at risk of losing it.


  1. How does the pawn and drive rescue process work?
  • Firstly, you need to get hold of us and give us your vehicle and personal details.
  • We need;
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle papers
  • Proof of residence
  • We will then value your vehicle and work out how much money you owe to your current pawn and drive pawn broker and see how much we can loan you further.
  • To conclude the deal, we need to meet you and see the vehicle. You then sign a new contract and documents with Capital Pawn.

You will have to keep your vehicle with us and you won’t be able to drive it but you won’t lose it as long as you make the monthly payments.

  • Once you sign the documents, we pay out your current pawn company and give you extra cash if possible.
  • Once you pay back the loan, we hand you back the vehicle.


  1. FAQ’s

Can you borrow more money against your car?


What vehicles can I pawn rescue

Any car, truck or motorbike. We also do caravans, boats, earthmoving equipment and Farm vehicles.

Can I Pawn and Drive the car after the pawn rescue process?

No, unless you pay off your loan with us you won’t be able to drive it.

How quickly can I get the rescue done?

If you bring all the specified documents, your current pawn settlement letter and your car for inspection, we can have your rescue done in 2hours and pay your current pawn and drive broker once we get the final pay out amount.

What dangers are there with this type of Lending?

This type of lending is less expensive than pawn your car and drive it but we are cheaper than most Pawn shops we recommend you use this Loan as a short term solution.

Can I settle this Loan at any time?

Yes you can settle at any time, however you must have taken the loan for a minimum of one month.


Contact us now before you lose your vehicle. We will create a tailor made  payment plan for you.

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