Is it safe to buy a diamond ring from a pawn shop?

Is it safe to buy a diamond ring from a pawn shop?

Unless you're loaded with cash and don't mind being ripped off, there's absolutely no reason why you should be spending thousands of Rands on a diamond ring when you can find something unique and special at your local pawn shop. Before popping into your nearest pawn shop be sure to have an idea of what you are looking for so that you can easily determine if the diamond you are going to buy is worth the price. At the end of the day, you want to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry at a fair price compared to the retail value.

There are hundreds of reasons that come with buying pawn shop diamond rings. We've put together a list of our favorite reasons why buying a diamond ring at a pawn shop is the best option as well as few things to do before you buy to make sure you are getting the best value for money.

Reasons why you should buy a diamond ring from a pawnshop


Great Value

If you're looking for a great quality diamond that won't break the bank, buying from a pawn shop is the way to go. We all know the mantra that an engagement ring should essentially cost two month's salary, crazy isn't it? Why not jump ship on that boat and get a great discount on a diamond ring at a pawn shop? You will be amazed at the deals you can pick up without having to sacrifice quality. No Credit and Background Checks If you have been blacklisted or don't qualify for the credit, you may find it difficult to purchase a diamond ring from a jewelry store. That's why a pawn shop is a better option.

No credit checks will be performed when you buy jewelry from a pawn shop, giving you the confidence to shop to your heart's content. What's great is that some pawnshops offer a lay-by option if you can't afford it right now. Simply pay towards the item month by month and when you have paid it all up, the diamond ring is yours.

Unique Pieces

You'll be surprised what unique, vintage, and classic pieces of jewelry you will find at a pawn shop. For customers obsessed with vintage jewelry, it is the absolute best place to shop without spending a ton of cash. Many pawnshops also employ or have a contracted jewelry designer.

This allows customers to customize their jewelry with a new setting or an added design feature giving the customer a completely original piece of jewelry.


Every pawn shop needs to record every item that is brought in or pawned and share this with the authorities. The list is then checked against the stolen items database to ensure no stolen items are available in pawn shops. So, you can rest assured knowing that the diamond ring you buy from your local pawn shop is not a stolen item.

Getting the best value for your money

There are a few things you should do in advance in order to make sure you get the best value for your purchase. These tips will help you find the perfect pawn shop diamond ring.

Do your research

Learn as much as you can about diamonds, whether it's from the internet or people who have bought before, upskill yourself in this department. Even go into a traditional jeweler to study different pieces. Feel the weight of each diamond, familiarise yourself with different settings, study the different pricing, etc. This will ensure you can make informed comparisons when you get to the pawnshop.

Have an open mind

Just because you're looking for a diamond ring doesn't mean you shouldn't consider a beautiful diamond pendant from a necklace should you come across one. Often a jeweler is able to take a diamond from a necklace or pendant and create a beautiful, unique ring from it.

Ask for certifications

As you're not a diamond expert, be sure to ask the pawnshop for the appraisal or certification from the diamond ring. The pawnshop should have the documentation to prove the quality of the stone and the make-up of the ring. Purchasing a timeless diamond ring from a pawn shop requires a little bit of knowledge, patience, and luck.

Pawnshops are constantly getting in new pieces, so you never what you can come across each time you visit. This makes shopping for a diamond ring at a pawn shop an exciting adventure.

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