How much can I pawn an iPad for?

How much can I pawn an iPad for?

Over the years the iPad has become an integral part of many people's lives. They have become one of the hottest selling electronics worldwide. They are great for work, studying, or entertainment for all ages.

Some households have up to 4 iPads or tablets, one for each member of the family. Whether being used for business or pleasure, it has become a valuable resource in our technology-driven world, making it a valuable item for pawnshop owners. Although it is no secret that electronic items depreciate quickly, they do however hold some value.

Even though Apple is synonymous with releasing new generation products almost every year, weakening the value of previous Apple products, most of the older generation products still hold good value. If you're in a bind and looking for some much-needed cash, pawning your iPad is the perfect solution to get cash in a few minutes.

Preparing your iPad for sale

Back-up your data

Before taking your iPad to a pawn shop be sure to back up any personal information, pictures, videos, or music to your external hard drive or your iCloud. Not doing this could lead the new user of your iPad access to all your confidential and personal information.

Sign out of your iCloud

Once you have saved all of your information to an external hard drive, you then need to delete all the information from the device and restore it to factory settings. Make sure you are also signed out of iCloud and Find My iPad.


When taking your iPad to the pawnshop make sure it is in the original packaging and that all the original accessories are included. These are essential in getting you the best possible price.


It is very difficult to gauge what a pawnshop would offer for an iPad as there are so many variables that come into play. Things like the condition, age, original packaging and accessories, and whether it is cellular compatible all play a part in how much you would be offered.

What if my iPad is broken or damaged?

In some cases, Pawn shops will accept an iPad in less than perfect condition. Every shop is different and will evaluate each item based on their expertise and unique viewpoint, which is great for customers. While your item may have a cracked screen or a few scratches on it, it doesn't mean it is worthless.

Some pawn shops specialize in dealing with certain items and have the know-how or great contacts with manufacturers and repair technicians and are able to get your item into tip-top condition for a very small investment. This however does not mean that a pawn shop will accept any item in any condition. Pawnshops are selective on each broken item they accept based on the demand for the product and how easily and cost-effectively they can have the item repaired.

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