Do pawn shops buy anything?

Do pawn shops buy anything?

For most people, pawn shops are a great way to access quick cash when you need it most. Pawnshops with either buy your items from you or offer you a loan in lieu of your item as

What type of items do pawn shops accept?

Most people are often surprised by the variety of items that pawnshops accept. Although exact items vary from shop to shop most pawn shops accept a similar range of items. These include items like electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, and gaming consoles.

Pawnshop owners do however need to be very careful about buying stolen items. This is why they insist on proof of purchase for any items you are wanting to sell or pawn. Most pawnshops will not accept replica items or clothing and books unless they are the first edition copies and extremely valuable.

Any items that are being sold or pawned need to be in full working order. Items that come in original packaging and have all accessories are more valuable than items that don't.

Specific items that pawnshops will buy

Pawnshops will typically buy anything that they know is an easy sell. One of these items is jewelry. Almost all pawnshops will accept jewelry. Gold jewelry is always a winner as it is
much more valuable than silver.

Pawnshops will also accept luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier, or Piaget. Power tools are another popular item that pawnshops will buy, provided they are in working order and in good condition. Amongst others, brands such as Bosch, Ryobi, Milwaukee, and Stanley will all be accepted.

Drills, circular saws, sets of spanners, grinders, and jigsaws are popular items that often get brought into pawn shops. Electronic items such as computers, printers, DVDs, TV's and gaming consoles are also examples of great items to pawn, provided they are not too old and in good working order. Cell phones, however, especially in South Africa, are often stolen so it is risky for pawnshop owners to accept these without proof of purchase.

What will pawn shops not accept?

Just like there is a wide variety of items that pawnshops will always buy, there are also a few items that people often attempt to pawn, but often don't receive offers from pawn shops. The reasoning for this varies from item to item but in most cases comes down to a lack of demand for the item in that specific shop.

A few items that pawnshops will not accept are:

  • Baseball and basketball cards
  • Medical equipment such as oxygen tanks or crutches
  • Broken electronics
  • VHS tapes
  • Old Cell phones
  • Salon equipment
  • Clothing and shoes

Although some items sell better in pawnshops than others, generally pawnshops will buy anything. One of the biggest factors that pawnshop owners look for when buying an item is whether there is a demand for the item when it is re-sold. It must also be in good condition and working 100%.

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