Cash loans against your paid-off car | borrow cash against your car

Cash loans against your paid-off car | borrow cash against your car

Life can often be very challenging and unpredictable at the best of times, leaving you in a  position where you desperately require cash, quickly and effortlessly.

In these times of uncertainty when everyone’s belts need to be tightened and our pockets are getting deeper and our arms are getting shorter, there is light at the end of the tunnel, or possibly in your garage.

Did you know that your paid-up vehicle standing in your garage could be the answer to your problems? Your vehicle could get you the cash you need instantly and you get to keep your car, a win-win situation when it matters most.

Capital Pawn offers instant cash loans against your paid-up car. We are a trusted member of the NCR so you can rest assured that all applications are completely compliant and legal allowing you to sit back, relax, and get cash as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Getting a loan at a financial institution often is accompanied by reams of paperwork and followed by a lengthy approval process. With a cash loan against your car, your car serves as security for the loan. Factors such as your current income and credit rating aren't taken into account making this a very attractive and efficient and viable option to get the cash you need when you need it most as quickly as possible.

Don't think "I won't get a cash loan against my car because of the color or age of my car". Whether you have a five-year-old Ford Fiesta or twenty-year-old Hilux Hiace, as long as it is fully paid off, we can offer you a cash loan on your car, instantly.

Your car will be used as security on the loan that you apply for and what's great is that the ownership of the vehicle remains with you. Applications are quick and easy and once approved you get cash in your back pocket instantly. The moment you have re-paid the loan in full, you get your vehicle back, no questions asked.

Whether you are looking for instant cash to help out your family, fund your new business or because of an unexpected expense, if you have a paid-off vehicle, we'll be happy to loan you the cash which you require.

Sounds like the perfect solution to your cash strapped pocket?

Don't let the worry of not knowing where to turn for extra cash keep you up at night. Come in today with your vehicle and we'll loan you the cash you need to accomplish what you require.

Don't hesitate, come in today which your paid up car or cars and speak to the friendly staff that will more than happy to assist you with the process and to ease any doubt on loaning money against your paid up car or cars, each loan will tailor-made per car.

Terms and conditions apply.

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