What do pawn shops pay most for?

What do pawn shops pay most for?

Pawnshops are a great place to make a little extra money on everyday items that you no longer need or want. Pawnshops will generally accept virtually anything provided that the pawnbroker believes it has good resale value. Different items bring in different amounts, whether it be for a loan or an outright sale.

There are, however, a few types of items that sell faster than others. Pawnbrokers will pay the most for these items as they know they sell the fastest. Generally, the more expensive an item, the more cash can be loaned against it.

Here is a list of some of the items that pawns shops will pay most for:


Jewelry is one of the best-sellers in pawn shops. Due to their materialistic value, pawning a piece of jewelry can bring in a decent amount of cash. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces are all accepted by pawn shops.

Jewelry appeals to pawnbrokers because it can produce a great profit and has a high turnover rate. Jewelry from high-end designers or that has precious gems will guarantee an even higher cash value than costume jewelry. Antique jewelry is also sought after.

It has a vintage appeal that most pawn shops find extremely valuable.


In today's society watches are seen as a status symbol, particularly for men. Having a high-quality watch, you no longer need or want can potentially bring in some very nice cash when pawning it. To ensure you get the very best deal for your watch make sure you clean it up before you take it into your local pawnshop. Be sure that it is in working order with as few scratches as possible, and that it has all the original pieces.

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments are also extremely popular at pawnshops. Pawnshops offer loans on a variety of instruments including guitars, drum sets, violins, trumpets, and more. These are great items to pawn for cash, as in most cases they are in really great condition unless used every day by hard-core musicians.

Popular Electronics

Electronics typically sell quickly at pawn shops. From home theatre systems to game consoles, pawnshops will pay big money for new and used electronics. Flat-screen TVs are the most popular, but the condition matters. Customers that can provide a complete set with cables, remotes, and all accessories will be able to negotiate more for their electronics.

Power and hand tools

One of the best places to get second-hand tools is from a pawn shop. Builders and contractors often sell their tools to pawn shops making it the perfect playground for other contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Pawnbrokers also make good offers on basic high-quality tools such as socket sets and wrenches.

Video Games

Gaming is taking the world by storm, however, if you talk to parents of gamers, it is not a cheap pastime. Gamers are always on the lookout for affordable, second-hand games and consoles. Pawnshops will always pay decent cash for games and more particularly consoles that you no longer use.

The newer the games and consoles, the more you can expect for them.

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