What can i pawn for quick cash

What can i pawn for quick cash

Whether it's an unpaid credit card or an unexpected medical bill, being in financial trouble can make you feel trapped with no way to turn. However, some of the items in your home could help lighten the load, without you even realizing it.

Pawnshops require items that you might be sitting in your home that can bring in fast cash for you.

You probably have no idea what kind of items are in high demand in pawn shops and what their value is, especially if you have never pawned anything before. Not to worry, we have you covered. We've compiled a list of the best things to pawn to make some quick cash.

Gold and Jewellery

Due to their materialistic value, pawning a piece of jewellery can bring in a great payday. Whether you're looking at selling earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, pawnshops accept it all. Antique jewellery has a vintage appeal and is therefore quite valuable to many pawn shops. Designer pieces made with precious metals and stones are guaranteed to get you a sizeable chunk of cash than everyday costume jewellery. Select your pieces wisely, you could be in for some quick cash.


As with most jewellery pieces, watches tend to be a status symbol, specifically for men. If you a high-end watch you no longer want, you can expect good money when pawning it.

Make sure to clean it up nicely and that it is in working order with all original pieces before taking it in.

Power Tools

Take a peek in your garage or workshop for any old power tools lying around that you no longer use? You'll be surprised at what you have and what cash it can bring in.

From air compressors, jigsaws, and power drills to circular saws and spanner sets, power tools are one of the most popular things to pawn for quick cash. They are high demand items so pawnbrokers are prepared to pay high prices to top-quality power tools.

Age and brand of power tools both play crucial roles in determining the value of the tools. As with most items, the older the power tool the less valuable it is.

Ensure your tools are clean and rid of any grease, sawdust, or dirt to ensure you get the best price.

Musical Instruments

From drum sets, guitars, pianos, violins, and more, pawnshops accept a wide variety of musical instruments. If you're not using these every day, they are more than likely just collecting dust in a corner of your home. Rather take them into your nearest pawnshop for some easy, quick cash.


Smartphones sell for good money at pawn shops, provided the phone is in good condition and one of the newer models.

Remember to take the time first to deactivate "Find my iPhone" and to package the phone in the original box with all the accessories.


Do you have any old, yet fully functioning electronic devices lying around? From ipads and tablets to home theatre systems, laptops, TV's and camera's pawn shops pay big bucks for new and used electronics.

Electronic devices that are complete with original packaging, cables, remotes, and accessories can land up getting you even more cash.

The better the model, generation, and features, the more cash you will receive.

Video Games and Consoles

Gaming has become an expensive, yet popular hobby over the years. Gaming enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for affordable games and consoles to buy.

If you needing to make some quick cash consider pawning a few of your games or even a console you no longer need. The newer the games and console are, the more cash you could walk away with.

When you're strapped for cash and looking for ways to make some quick cash, consider visiting your local pawn shop with a few of the above the items and you'll be able to get that much need cash, quickly and conveniently.

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