Has the coronavirus pandemic left your bank balance in lockdown?

Has the coronavirus pandemic left your bank balance in lockdown?

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t just a world health crisis; millions of people across the globe have been affected financially. Whether it’s working limited hours, taking a pay cut or being retrenched entirely or having to close the doors on the business you built from scratch, we have all in some way been affected financially by the lockdown of our country to curb the virus.

Do you also feel like your wallet was become an invaluable antique and might have more dust on it than that pasta maker you got from your mother-in-law on your wedding day, 15 years ago?

Are you struggling to make ends meet during the lockdown and have sleepless nights worrying about which debit order is going to bounce this month?

You are not alone. Instead of getting yourself deeper into debt, consider pawning the stuff you have lying around. Capital Pawn is here to offer some financial freedom during this very stressful and financially difficult time.

It is during times like this; you need to ask yourself if you need that extra TV in your spare bedroom? Does your husband really still need to keep that gold watch he got from his high school sweetheart and is that orbi-trek, which you have never used, and is now used as a clothes horse necessary? Why not pawn your unwanted items with Capital Pawn to provide some financial relief during this difficult time.

Whether you want to sell your goods for cash or get cash against your interests, we can help. We will even help you sell your vehicle by pawning it until you sell it.

Need cash quick? Pawn your goods for cash.

Pawn the items you don’t need any more and get that much-needed cash to help you and your family through the lockdown. We will loan you cash against your item, keep it safe for you, and when you have fully paid back your loan to us, the item is returned to you in the condition you left it with us in.

We are open during the lockdown and promise top cash for your unwanted goods. We pawn anything from cars & trucks, boats, jet-ski’s and caravans, gold and diamond jewellery, fine watches and Kruger Rands, all electronic appliances and smartphones and much much more.

Simply fill out our online enquiry form, and one of our professional agents will contact you to evaluate your goods. If you accept our offer, we will meet with you (adhering to strict Covid-19 regulations, of course) to inspect your asset and complete the necessary paperwork. Once approved, you will get your cash immediately. When the loan amount has been paid back, the item is returned to you.

**Due to the influx of requests at this time, we are unfortunately not able to take in mothers-in-law, or children ?, however, we would be interested in the pasta maker you mentioned.

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