Should I pawn my jewellery?

Should I pawn my jewellery?

The decision to pawn your jewelry is a very personal one. Before you can answer this question, it would be better to first establish whether you do in fact want to part with your jewelry and if you do, whether you should pawn it or sell it. While we won't be able to decide for you, we're here to offer up some great advice when it comes to deciding to pawn or sell your jewelry and what might be the better route to opt for based on your

If you haven't entirely made your mind up about whether you should pawn or sell your jewelry, let's start by getting some answers to these questions:

- Are you sentimentally attached to the piece of jewelry?

- Do you think you would like it back one day?

- At this moment is the piece considered high value?

- If I pawn this piece of jewelry and can't pay back the loan will it be the end of the world?

If you have answered these questions and still feel okay about pawning or selling your jewelry, you have come to the right place.

The difference between pawning and selling your jewellery


By pawning your jewelry you are essentially using it as collateral for a cash loan. The pawnshop will evaluate your piece of jewelry and make you an offer based on its value. If you accept you will then get a cash amount in exchange for the ring that you hand over.

You will be required to pay back the loan amount with interest in a certain amount of time. You will then be able to get your jewelry back. If you default on your agreement with the pawnshop and do not honor your re-payments, the pawnshop is legally entitled to keep your jewelry and put it up for sale to recoup their costs.


When you sell your jewelry to a pawn shop, you will get cash in exchange for the piece of jewelry. Which is better? Pawning or selling? By pawning your jewelry you may get a better cash offer in the end. This is because pawn transactions are considered less risky than outright purchases.

With a purchase, the pawnbroker needs to still re-sell the item to make a profit. As they are not making any money from the interest you would have paid if you had pawned the item, they now need to consider if the item is in demand and what kind of profit it can bring in.

A few useful tips when pawning your jewellery

Prioritize your jewelry - Choose an item out of your collection that you know you can live without. A family heirloom or a piece with significant sentimental value will just leave you with regret later down the line.

Get an appraisal – Be sure to take your jewelry for an assessment to find out what value it holds. This will give you the upper hand when negotiating a value with the pawnbroker.

Find the right pawnshop – when starting your search for a pawn shop, research both traditional and online pawn shops. All pawn shops are different. Some offer better deals, better interest rates, or longer periods of time to pay back your loan.

Do your research ahead of time to find the pawnshop that best suits your needs. By taking time out to have your jewelry appraised, shopping around for the best deals, and getting
your loan paid back in time, pawning offers a way to get the money you need and still be able to get your jewelry back.

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