Welcome to the Capital Pawn Referral Program

Welcome to the Capital Pawn Referral Program

Are you looking to earn some extra income? Of course you do, Who doesn't!

Wondering how to effortlessly boost your income? Look no further – the Capital Pawn Partner Program is your gateway to easy cash! Our esteemed partners are raking in thousands of Rands each month, and you can too.

If you work with clients in need of quick cash or those eager to sell their goods for immediate funds, our Partner Program is tailor-made for you. Simply refer your clients to us, and watch the cash flow in – we offer a generous 5% Introductory fee on every successfully completed pawn or sell deal. It's that straightforward.

Consider this scenario: You have a client seeking cash by selling or pawning their car. If we buy their car or extend a loan of R100,000, you pocket R5,000 in CASH! It's a lucrative opportunity waiting for you.

At Capital Pawn, we specialize in purchasing and pawning a diverse range of items, including Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewelry, Gold coins, Luxury Watches, Laptops, Smartphones, Home Appliances, and much more.

Ready to start earning? Joining our Affiliates Program is a breeze. Simply fill in your details below, and we'll swiftly review and approve your partner application within 24 hours.

Get ready for a journey of Happy Earnings with Capital Pawn – where financial opportunities meet simplicity!

Sign up to our affiliate program now!

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