Watch out for the “Pawn your car and still drive it” scam

South Africans are becoming more heavily indebted and struggle to make ends meet, with interest rate hikes and the increase in consumer goods, petrol and the weak economy crippling households across the country. Many consumers had to reach out to lenders for loans to pay off their debt which put them into more debt and…
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What You Need To Know About Pawnshops

Need cash in a hurry? If you have a garage full of stuff that has value but is only gathering dust, you might have considered to go to a pawnshop at least once. And although you could walk away with cash in your pockets, beginners should learn the ins and outs of how these transactions…
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Where To Sell Your Gold?

Is it better when you sell your gold at a pawn shop than at a jewellery store? That’s a great question. This is the situation when selling gold. There is a common denominator when we talk about people in the gold buying industry. Everyone works off of the same basic price point. It’s the trade…
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Pawn Shops Pay More Or Less?

You are in need on some quick cash but don’t know how much a pawn shop will pay for your stuff? This is how you can get a good idea before you leave your home. Pawn shops are in the business to make money like any other business. In order to do that, they aim…
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